Friday, January 31, 2014

January. Not Bust.

So I am trying to decide on a good war-cry of awesomeness for right now. This moment. This day.
The first one I tried was a simple "BAM!" but that felt a little flat. I am thinking about a "Fus Ro DAH!" or something. Oh well.
But I had better explain exactly what just happened.
Exactly what you are thinking just happened!
But let me share the details.
A few days back, I admit I got very tired of the encouragement I was receiving by tweet. It was making me feel worse about the days I missed writing, to the point that I felt like writing less. So I asked ya'll to stop and you did (thank you very much).
And I basically stopped writing, too. I wrote probably a few hundred words this whole week until today.
Until today.
Today, as a matter of fact, is the last day of January. And when did I say I was planning on finishing? Oh yes... by the end of January.
I just wrote the ending. And I think I have every bit of story that I will need to do in this second-drafting from the beginning to that point. Which means everything. Which means the second draft is done.
But how did I do that?
I wrote 5,678 words today. I just counted them with Microsoft Word. That exact number was a hilarious bit of chance (I like how the numbers progress one after the other).
It's done.
There will be plenty of editing and revising to come, and I will probably have to fill in more patches as Aubrey and I integrate our drafts... but drafting is done. And that was the goal.
Thank you very much to each and every one of you that supported and encouraged me! You were phenomenal!
However the scores come out, I am sure that Faith B. and Zoe S. are the two in front. I am pretty sure Zoe S. still has first. But I will see to it that you both get prizes, because the fast completion of this book was basically owed to you guys and your pressure and encouragement and all! Thanks much to everyone who played the game!
My left-wrist hurts abominably, since it doesn't get supported while I type, so I am signing off now. In the comments, request a character by name and I will provide some sort of sneak-peek line that they say in this second draft for whichever character consensus demands.
Thanks all again so much! I am off to party, and find a wrist brace!



  1. Can we come up with a smilie that's a cross between o.O and :dieshappy:? Because I could make good use of it now.

    *slyly offers cupcakes for party purposes*

  2. Great job, David!! That is so exciting!

    I do think that Zoe was ahead of me, though just barely. ;)

    *eats a cupcake while carting in some ice cream* Here you go David, *hand David a bowl of ice cream with a cupcake on top* Eat this while you rest your wrist.

    My choice of character is Captain Ambrose.