Sunday, January 19, 2014

January or Bust Days 5 and 6 Summary

So Friday I didn't write a whole ton. But I did make a very big point about writing something. There were 718 words written that day (the 17th). I was poked by the following people:
Faith B.
Zoe S.
Rebecca S.
and I don't think anyone else. Ya'll can correct me if I am wrong and I can redo the math, but that means that Friday each of those three captured 239.3. I don't believe in giving out thirds of words so we are gonna do the randomization thing again, though this time I won't use my 20-sided die. Instead, I will pull out my Silmarilion from my shelf and look at the first word on the page to which I happen to open. If it's first letter is H or before the spare word goes to Faith. If it is in between I and P (inclusive) it goes to Zoe, and if it is after P (which has most of the rare letters, so it's fair to give it 10 letters) it goes to Rebecca. Not sure how that stacks the odds but we will see.
"It has been told how by the guidance of Ulmo Turgon of Nevrast discovered the hidden vale of Tumladen; and that (as was after known) lat east of the upper waters of Sirion, in a ring of mountains tall and sheer, and no living thing came there save the eagles of Thorondor."
That goes to prove that Zoe got the bonus word today, and that it is totally okay to begin chapters with really long and complicated sentences that reference a lot of different proper nouns. So Faith and Rebecca got 239 and Zoe got 240.
Now for Saturday's work.
763 words today (technically yesterday because I am up late). The same three stuck at it and will be dividing the words again. Again they are not perfectly divisible by 3. 254.3 words to each is not acceptable. So we will use the same method but use my The Lord of the Rings instead.
"Namarië, Nai hiruvalyë Valimar.
Nai elyë hiruva. Namarië!"
I guess it is Zoe's day, or that Tolkien liked her. So it would be 254 to each but 255 to Zoe except...
You see those dots above the e's? Some of the a's had accents but I did not know how to do that. I did know the dots above e's though from typing Sharkey's alias name on Holy Worlds before. So for that she gets bonus words equal to the number I roll on my 20-sided die (I love making up rules as I go!)
16 bonus words for Sharkey! This time I will do the math. For Friday and Saturday the earnings go as follows:
Faith B.: (Friday: 239 + Saturday 254 = 493)
Zoe S.: (Friday 240 + Saturday 255 = 495)
Rebecca S.: (Friday 239 + Saturday 254 + SPECIAL 16)

You may have noticed I have not in quite a while given bonus words to someone at the beginning for being the first poker or whatever. That's because now I see that if I make up my system after the pokes and words are in, I can kind of end up picking the winners (especially when Faith and Zoe are about five words apart). So sometime (hopefully on Sunday) I will make up a road-map of how the bonus words are acquired so that someone can finally get a lead in this game (maybe even one of those kind of back there like Elise P. or Rebecca S.). Until I get that all written out, scores will keep going like they have so far, with completely random things giving away the decimals of words.

This Sunday I have a large amount of homework to do, but that means I may be in the industrious mood and turn out very productive. So it could be very few... or very many. We may not know until it is too late.
Tell you what. For Sunday, besides poking to earn portions of my day's word count, I will award bonus words for trying to guess my Sunday word count. If you are within 1000 words on your guess, you get 50 bonus words. If you are within 500 words on your guess, you get 84 bonus words (because multiples of five make it too simple). If you are within 100 words on your guess, you get 128 words (because it's easy to write in base two)(just kidding). If you are within 10 words on your guess, you get 250 words (because multiples of fifty become cool again). And if you hit it right on the nose (that means the exact number of words), you get 444 bonus words.
To make sure I cannot rig the results, I will not be logging into my regular notifications email account until after I have done all my writing for the day. I will go log out of it now so that I don't by accident. If somehow I forget or otherwise find that information, we will just have you guys guess again for a different day and scrap Sunday's results. I don't want there to be any way I am picking the winner in this game.

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  1. Ah, and we finally have the day 5 summary. :D It sounds like you were more productive than me on Friday and less on Saturday. I got 0 words on Friday and 3,804 words on Saturday. So, for my guess, I am going to get very tricky and take your Friday words score and my Saturday word score and find the exact middle between them. If there is a decimal, I will either round up or round down.

    *drum roll* My guess for your total word count is: 1543 words. Which, as I recall, is very close to your daily goal. ;)

    And since people probably want a total update, here it is: I decided to make a google spreadsheet so I didn't have to manually type in the totals.