Thursday, January 16, 2014

January or Bust Day 4 Summary

1593 words today, spread among the following people, in order of ease in which I found it to find and record their poking:
Zoe S.
Katie D.
Faith B. (she's not giving up easy)
Elise P.
So you all get 398.25... but I think having a .25 is weird. So I am going to randomly decide one of you to get full credit for that word... time to find a die or something... aha! This one is 20-sided. 1-5 for Zoe, 6-10 for Katie, 11-15 for Faith, and 16-20 for Elise.
It's an 11! So she gets a full 399 while everyone else gets just 398! Let's all hope that somehow it comes down to that one word so we can blame my die rolling.
Faith is so good at doing the totals for me that I will just let her do it, since I am lazy and want to go to bed. I am pretty sure Zoe S. is still in the lead.
Don't forget, you're competing for Aubrey's undying gratitude (and I think she said something about cupcakes?) and some real prize (not to devalue Aubrey's undying gratitude) that I will cook up! And I promise it will be better than the idea I just had, which was to mail someone my ancient candy that is just sitting around in the dorm. That wouldn't be fun at all (unless you like months old Dots still in the box?), and I want to make this fun!


  1. Ooh, just squeaking over the daily goal. Go you!

    I'm in the lead by two words, I think. XD

    (And I don't give up, either, Faith. ;) )

  2. Alrighty, since I am unofficially, the score keeper for this endeavor (thanks for volunteering me, David :P), here are the scores:

    Andrew A.: 980.5
    Elise P.: 1378.5
    Faith B.: 1479.5
    Katie D.: 398
    Sharkey: 480.5
    Zoe S.: 1481 (I'm only 1.5 behind you, Zoe :dieshappy:)

    And month old Dots, David? Yuck! No, thank you. Oh, and one of the reasons I'm not giving up is because I've seen parts of Philli's side of the story and I want to read the whole thing!! It looks so good! Not to mention your little teaser about the fanfic over here not being in the book at all. That has my curiosity very peaked.

    Your word of encouragement for writing today: "Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do [such as writing], do all to the glory of God."~1 Corinthians 10:31 NASB

    1. For clarity, the basics of the plot from the fanfic are still fairly intact for the first half of the book or so (all you saw on the blog), but they are completely re-written to be much better. Perhaps I should "tease" a few more lines from later in the book just to keep you all guessing...