Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January or Bust Day 2 Summary

Today, I pushed out an even 2,100 words, including a 72 word revision of the opening, which I quoted on my Twitter.
Pokers today were Faith B, Elise P, Andrew A, Zoey S. (that is the name you go by, right Raven?), and, curiously, the Unaccepted twitter account itself (don't worry, I am not so devious as to give myself or Aubrey credit in this game).
So I am giving the bonus 100 words today to Zoey because she was the lucky one whose tweet got retweeted by Unaccepted (don't worry, wasn't me, so I am not picking winners).
So Zoey comes in with the most words from today, at 600.
The rest (Faith B, Elise P, Andrew A) get 500.
Totals? It's 9:20 and I worked hard all day. Someone do the totals for me. Or maybe I will edit this post tomorrow with totals, but my mind is quite done.
And if I missed someone poking me, please bring it to my attention. I can adjust the scores easily, and since I am in charge (I just like saying that) I can do that!


  1. Zoe is right, yes. ;) And yay for 2100 words!

  2. Okay, so totals for people would be:

    Faith B: 1080.5
    Andrew A: 980.5
    Elise P: 980.5
    Zoe Z: 600
    Sharkey: 480.5

    So far, anyway. :) Congrats on another 2100!