Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January or Bust Day 3 Summary

Today, David needed a break. Wednesday is my 5-hours-of-class day, and I had a few other responsibilities. That and having pumped out over 4000 words in the last two days. Excuses aside, I wrote 483 words today. Conveniently, it was a day of very little poking, also, so I could just blame that, hue hue hue.
There is good news, though. Those 483 words rounded out another scene block and got me closer to parts where old work might still be salvageable (I can dream, can't I?). The world building is coming through much clearer in draft two, also. The good news is that I think I can revise my total estimate down from 50,000 words. There are now technically 8 "scenes" left, about half of them much shorter than the ones I have worked on the past few days, and with far less room for me to expand as I go. My last scene, which felt much longer than expected, was just shy of 3000 words. So, as I suspected when I set that high 50k word goal, sure enough it will be more like 30k or less. 30,000 / 19 = 1,578 words each day from here on out, which is much more doable.
In summary, trend line looks good!
Scores for the day (sums will be another night):
My records indicate that Zoe S. was the only one to poke today (tisk tisk to all of you else, unless I am missing your pokes, in which case I will, as I have said before, re-do the math). So all 483 go to her, and unless I miss my guess that puts her in the lead...

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  1. We both have really busy Wednesdays. :P Sorry I missed poking you. I shall endeavor to do better. 1578 words per day certainly does sound much more doable. Go, David!!