Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Little Life Update

Hey all, just got back from my brother's wedding. Yeah. Nothing too major. Got a sister, my first ever. And she is awesome!
And I got to hold a real ring, since I was best man. Got to stroke my brother's wedding ring saying, "My precious."
And then, tonight, I discovered that I could dance. And not just like any normal person. I dance like a crazy insane man. I had someone ask me if I had drank the champagne they had up at the head dinner table I was so crazy. New favorite secular song: I'm Gunna Be. Romping around the reception like pack of crazy men, trying to keep up with pro dancers on the dance floor. Oh yeah. College is gonna be fun.


  1. Why does none of this surprise me? ;) So glad the wedding went well!

    1. It does not surprise you because you knew about the Precious thing... and the dancing is hardly a surprise :)