Sunday, August 19, 2012

Crook Q Part 50

"Well, Stephen, they know they can always drag us into the temple later. Once they have spotted you there is no losing you, so they may as well maximize dramatic affect."
Ephesus made one glance at his father and at Nic. "And you are?"
"Paul. John Paul Jones. I just go by the middle name."
"Somehow I would have expected Benedict Arnold."
"We can't all have the same name can we, Benny?"
Ephesus rolled his eyes, but accepted the new designation. "Anyhow, we might as well assume that they aren't trailing us yet. If they are, it's all lost any way. We just need to get where I can make a call."
The elder Smyrna was not so easily convinced, "Isn't it possible that we are being followed just to see where we go?"
"Very. But sitting still anywhere is of no use to us.Moving is the key. Let's go find somewhere the aren't likely to be scanning."
Smyrna and Nic left the building first, so as not to move as a threesome. The stood outside and waited at the side of the road, as though anticipating a taxi. Ephesus exited just a little later, and immediately began strolling down the street.
He hated having the pressure of finding a safe place to call on him, but also enjoyed the thrill of actually being in the adventure. He was walking by one of the improvised trash bins that had once been a flower pot when he spotted a lucky surprise. There it was.
The scanner itself. At one time the foliage had been enough to at least obscure the small box, but now that garbage had become the chief occupant of the concave surface, it was there for all to see. Ephesus sat on it. He'd have to hope that would be enough to weaken the ability to listen to his call. Besides, his number was on the old cell system. The signal from that system would have been pale at best without a man sitting on the box.
Only one more hurdle remained. The phone Ephesus owned was old. Very old. It would be clearly visible as such. Hopefully no one concerned or knowledgeable enough would walk by.
He tapped in a few numbers and held the phone against his ear, using his hand to hide it for the most part. He hunched over with his elbows on his knees to try to make the position appear natural.
"Hello, Standard Pizza."
"Hi. This is..." Ephesus struggled to recall his name under pressure, "this is Edison. I wonder if you deliver to Unit Peak?"
"It would be unusual, but we can do it, if you can pick the up the pizza street-side."
"Of course. I need three pizzas, preferably with peppers."
"You want those things kept warm?"
"No. A regular truck will do."
"Will that be cash or check?"
"Uh.... neither."
Ephesus returned to the front of the Unity Peak building to find Nic engaged in an awkward looking conversation with someone. The stance of the other man betrayed that he was a man in authority. Nic usually didn't do well with those.

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  1. *is desperately hoping the reunion of the family isn't TOO far away*

    1. I think this will be the last stall I give them. I am beginning to grow weary of the stalling myself.