Thursday, August 2, 2012

Crook Q Part 45

Greetings, readers. I interrupt your regularly scheduled reading to alert you of a few things. First, new poll! It's pretty self explanatory. Second! I will be going on a vacation this evening that will last until Sunday. I will have internet access and will be around the interwebz, but my posting may slow or stall. Be fairly warned. Third, the Philli posts are going to pause for a bit while I catch up on Crook Q, since Philli is getting to far ahead. The next few posts will continue the epic story of the escape of our be-hated Crook Q.

During the few minutes that remained he surveyed the people around him in the bus. All dreary looking on their faces, they did not hold conversations with each other at all. Then Ephesus spotted it. A camera right beside the destination screen. He looked around. There were speakers in the ceiling and at floor level. Speakers were the easiest way to hide microphones: in plain sight.
So much for his new disguise.
Ephesus fingered one of the pockets of his cape, one that was on the forearm naturally. His cell phone was carefully tucked away inside. As soon as he could get completely out of sight he would call the local operative and arrange for a pick-up.
Then he remembered the complication. Dad and Nic were still out there, somewhere. There was no going to safety without them. Neither of them knew anything about the underground, and even sneaking back into Camp 17 would never work. They could hide there, maybe, if Nic would allow it, but Ephesus knew that with the new commander those two couldn't be safe long.
Choosing to ignore the fact that he and his family and Nic were all now wanted people and that anywhere the United could reach they would never be safe, Ephesus concentrated on the here and now. As one of their plans, he and Nic had agreed to meet at the tallest tower in sight from the building they escaped from twenty-four hours after escaping, or sooner.
Unfortunately, Ephesus was on a bus heading away from there, so it would be difficult to figure that one out. As Ephesus considered that difficulty, a recorded message came over the speakers. "Citizens of the United, look out the windows on the left." Every head dutifully turned to the left, Ephesus awkwardly feeling like many of them were actually looking at him. The voice continued, "What you see is a testament to the unity and power of humanity when ruled justly. The tallest tower in the city, the great Unity Peak speaks of all our accomplishments. We climbed to the top of the skies, and looking out, there is nothing beyond but space. We our the sole lords and masters of the universe."
Every head on the bus turned back to staring into space. Apparently the bus played that recording every time it passed that city block.
A few minutes later the bus hissed to a stop a street corner. The sound played again, "Welcome to Street 92. The United bids you a happy and productive day."
Ephesus filed off with the rest of those getting off, and immediately doubled back on the path the bus had came. That was the tower to go for, undoubtedly, since it would still be in sight of the lab they had escaped. Besides, no police would ever expect him to lurk so close to the place of his escape.
The city took a lot longer to traverse on foot. Ten minutes had passed when loudspeakers, which were posted on every street corner, blared, "Attention United Citizens: Criminals have escaped their containment at the Paradise Come Lab on Street 80 and Delta. They are armed, dangerous, and seditious." The words were clipped, as though recordings were spliced together. "Two are religious Unaccepted. If you see anyone suspicious, or have information as to their whereabouts, report it immediately to the nearest United Peace Outpost, or the first United Peace-Keeping Officer you can find."
Ephesus tried to keep a confident look on his face as he kept walking. He had put his jacket back on normally and switched his hair again, but he knew that no amount of simple tricks could shake the ever watchful eye of the United.
He was near the foot of the Unity Peak when his trepidation began to grow. He saw numerous men standing around, appearing to be doing nothing but watching. Ephesus did his best not to make eye contact. He realized a few seconds too late that these were probably plain-clothes officers. Then he confirmed his suspicion when he saw the classic electric pistol shape in relief on one man's back.
They appeared to not have noticed him in particular, so he just kept going. Besides, he reasoned, turning around would only make him appear more suspicious.
He looked up into the face of the Unity Peak. A tall building of shining silver, steel, and glass, it really did bespeak power and grandeur. At the top was what appeared to be a massive telescope. Engraved on a stone at the door into the building were the words, "A Tower into Heaven." Ephesus looked closer at the stone and saw under it these words etched, "If any god should be offended by this tower, let it come and prove itself. We are the United, and cannot be divided."
Ephesus only wished and prayed that He would come.

The next portion is out for your enjoyment... and more mine!


  1. I'm still finding this section just plain fun. Love all the speakers and cameras and things.

    I'm a little annoyed at your poll. I thought it was a clever profile pic 'cause I know that's how you write, so I was forced to vote the last option, which is the boringest of them all! The other choices are so funny!

    1. Well Aubrey, you can select multiple options on that poll... I will reset the poll for you so you can vote again.
      And I am glad you are finding it fun. I am finding it... difficult, but still, as long as it's fun for one of us, haha.

    2. Oh no, you don't have to reset it for me. (It lets me change my vote anyhow, if I want.) I'm just teasing you 'cause your options are hilarious!