Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Story Plotting Update

Hallo, folkses, Precious...
A few days and weeks ago I set up a poll and asked what story you wanted me to start as Thread III to replace my precious Caesar the Troll. And you resoundingly chose my favorite of the options, The Four Golems. And through all my days as a blogger, I have always obeyed the will of the masses, being an American and all.
There will not be a Thread III.
As I began pre-writing on The Four Golems, I realized what a mammoth endeavor it was. 'Twas a big one. One very deep character, a respectable amount of worldbuilding, too much to do.
Instead, I will double down on Red Rain, the sequel. That should up its quality and quantity, both of which should make ya'll glad, and Aubrey too because it will come out faster. Ideally, drafting will be done in October or so by my schedule so that we can have publishing rolling by early December... in time for Christmas and for me to start something new come early 2013.
So yes, I assert my independence of my own democratic system, and announce that I rule everything.


  1. Sounds awesome! I can't wait to see it!

  2. *squeal*

    Okay, we're good now.

    Do you think The Four Golems will be a novel, then, or do you still plan to publish it serially on your blog when it's ready?

    And if you're not democratic, what are you? ;) Just kidding. There's a point at which every author needs to realize they're the boss and have to do what's best for them and their writing. Support the right of authors to be dictators!

    1. When the time is right, it will be on the blog I imagine, but it will also be a novel.
      Then I am a communist. I solicit your opinions and dismiss them. And I do support that right!